A Little Magic

Feeling in need of something fun this evening I watched the new version of 'Cinderella'. I was in two minds about watching it as I wasn't sure if it would be the light relief I needed or if it would annoy me even more by the way it portrays the female characters. But I watched it and loved it. Maybe because it reminded me of when I went to The Royal Ball in Vienna or of more recently when I wore a ball gown style dress on my wedding day and danced around in a castle, and ran up and down an antique staircase with my hair softly flowing down my back. Either way I was enhanted. I loved the feel of the film, I loved the look of the film and I loved that Ella was an inherently good person who always tried to see the best in people.


The dress, the music, the dancing, the horses; everything was exactly what I wanted it to be in this fairytale. Because as much as I believe that we females can be whatever we want to be I still long for romance and happy endings and even a little bit of magic. I need to believe that I will get my happy ending even though I've already had hundreds of happy endings and at the same time know that they don't actually exist. By the end of the film, one thing was sure, I wished that I could be more courageous and always kind. But being a young woman in today's society makes this very difficult.

The film did have a strong resemblance to one of my other favourite fairytale films, 'Stardust'. And so today's music offering is the theme song from that film, 'Rule The World' by Take That.

Until next time...x

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