Spilt Sauce

Today I went shopping in a supermarket and bought lots of ingredients to make a lovely dinner. My hands were full as I was happily walking along when I turned the corner and someone bumped into me and I dropped one of my bags, the one with a glass jar of tomato sauce. It of course cracked open and the sauce went everywhere. Well actually, surprizingly it didn't go everywhere, it didn't even splatter on my trousers or shoes, it just lay there on the ground in a great big lump. I tried to clean it up but I just seemed to be making it worse. A lady walking by very kindly handed me a little packet of tissues but they didn't do much to help. I didn't want to just leave it so I looked around for a cleaner, normally they are everywhere but of course today there wasn't one to be seen anywhere. So I walked to the MRT counter, explained my situation and asked if there was anything I could use to clean it up, but they called for a cleaner over the intercom and said they would take care of it. So I walked on and got on the next train.


It was a weird feeling, standing there looking at this mess I had created and not knowing what to do to fix it. Everything I tried only made it worse. In the end the best thing I could do was walk away and leave it for someone else to deal with, someone who was better equipped to make it better.

Maybe there are other problems in my life that I should walk away from. Maybe the best way to fix something is to let someone else deal with it. Maybe I should trust other people and appreciate the skills they have to offer. I don't have to do things on my own.

Today's music offering is 'You say 'tomato', I say 'tomato'...' or rather 'Let's call the whole thing off' by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers from the film 'Shall We Dance'.

Until next time...x


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