The Red Shoes

Crescent Arts Centre


The young people of Donegall Pass and Lower Ormeau (LORAG) brought The Crescent Arts multi dimensional theatre space ‘The Cube’ to life with their improvised version of ‘The Red Shoes’.


Drama and dance practitioners Mary Frances Doherty and Sheena Kelly worked with the group over a 12 week period, where they explored themes from the story that related to themes that were also contemporary and relevant to the group. The group developed all the content from the scenes to the movement. They also created the set with the help from the Ormeau Baths Gallery. They came up with the concept of having giant red shoes as the back drop and worked as a team using willow and material to create a striking prop.

The staff and practitioners felt the Crescent Arts Studio had an effective neutral atmosphere which gave the group an opportunity to get to know each other and bond. The performance was very sharp, energetic and highly entertaining.


Drama Practitioner: Mary-Frances Doherty

Dance Practitioner: Sheena Kelly