Katie's Birthday Party

Written & performed by Mary-Frances Doherty


You are invited to celebrate Katie’s 12th birthday with her as she explores what it’s like to be 12 years old. Having just moved school but not quite a teenager yet, Katie reflects on times gone by and looks to the future and all it can be.


There will be truths, there will be dares, there will be presents and there will be cake!


Solo performer Mary-Frances Doherty explores notions of childhood on the approach of adolescence, looking at the trials and tribulations of what a young girl goes through in the change from primary school to secondary school – exams, results, new school, new friends and thoughts for the future.


Age Guidance: 10+

Running Time: Approx. 35 minutes



Available for touring! 

Full length video of the performance available on request

email or call (+44) 7505730883




'Internationally acclaimed solo performer, Mary-Frances Doherty

gives a remarkable and real performance of 12 year old Katie...

It was a real, raw and relatable production that every adolescent should

see to feel warranted, and every adult should see for nostalgia.'

Theatre Travels

'Mary-Frances Doherty is a Belfast performer who has come here (Australia)

to show 12-year-olds that their joys and sorrows are pretty much the same

all over the world...Fear of missing out and fear of being rejected by friends

is common to them all.'

The Barefoot Review

'Katie has learned there are rules to follow when life becomes painful,

as it does so often, and she shares her rules for being happy with the party-goers who are, by now, completely captivated by her.'

'...a very well written and crafted show with some very real and genuine moments of vulnerability that take us on a journey through being twelve years old

and all the things that come with it.'  

Radio 5mbs

'...Katie had, in fact woven her way into the hearts and lives of the audience...

It is, in essence what DreamBIG is about.'

Stage Whispers

Selected by the Children's Theatre Reviews as one of their

Top 10 Shows of 2016! 


'Katie's Birthday Party is a hugely relevant and relatable

account of a painful process, told with honesty and insight...

it is one of the best productions for young people I’ve ever seen' 


Children's Theatre Reviews

Selected as one of only 10 shows from the UK & Ireland to be presented at On The Edge: The World Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences & ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Birmingham 2016


'Katie’s Birthday Party is one of those rare pieces of theatre that taps into your subconscious and brings back memories that you worked hard to forget.

This gut punching production is a one woman show by the truly sensational

Mary-Frances Doherty'


News On The Edge 2016



'It’s during a game of Truth or Dare - entered into enthusiastically by her younger guests – that we discover more about Katie...As the game unfolds we begin to understand that Katie...is struggling with some private humiliations and crushing anxieties. Katie’s growing pains are emotional, and as the anchors of her early years are yanked out from beneath her she is forced to face the anguish of an unsteady present and an uncertain future.'


Edinburgh Guide



'Party poppers, girly pop songs and a joining-in game of Truth or Dare that gradually edges Katie’s Birthday Party from larky fun to a point of evident adolescent pain...Not even cake can compensate because of how

this solo hits a very real sore spot in growing up.'


The Herald Scotland



'Edgy glimpse into the big bad world...

in the form of an interactive birthday party.'


**** The Belfast Telegraph



‘It was amazing. 100%. 10 out of 10.'

'I felt part of it...I liked the way everyone got involved.’

‘Fantastic, wonderful performance.'

'Truth or Dare was awesome!’

Audience Members - Belfast Children’s Festival

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Friday 22nd November 2012 at 2pm

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With thanks to Jason Byrne, Gill Robertson, Jess Thorpe and Geraldine Pilgrim. 

Initially developed in association with Young at Art and supported by the 

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