Not So Brave

This evening I ordered some chicken from Nandos and when it arrived there was a little sign on it that said 'Not So Brave'. It souldn't bother me but it did and it does. Just because I wanted the lime flavoured marinade how dare they asume that I'm not brave. I just prefer the flavour. Brave is the word people most use to describe my work, brave is the word my friends would use to describe me, brave is what I am and what I do. But I guess the fact that I feel so annoyed by this means that today maybe I'm not feeling so brave.

not so brave_edited.JPG

I have other words but I can't seem to find them. I have many, many feelings but no words. Not today. Hopefully I'll find them again tomorrow.

Today's music offering is a classical number. I'm not sure which one but I wanted to listen to something different so I put on the classical top 50 on spotify. So here's one of them. I think. It's a classic anyway so enjoy.

Until next time...x

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