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Today was a great day! For the first time since arriving in Singapore I went to a Karaoke Club and it was so much fun. When we arrived I was a bit nervous but we were quickly led to a little booth room that had colourful flashing disco lights, a sofa, a table, 2 tv screens and 2 microphones. The fist few songs were a bit award but we had booked for 2 hours so slowly we got more comfortable hearing the sound of our own voices, and maybe the drinks helped too. And then we were off. Song after song with hundreds to choose from. Half way through my husband pointed out that I was more drawn to the sad, depressing, heartbreak songs and he's right, as those are the songs that got me through my dark years. And a lot of them also have the best tunes and can be easier to sing. But he did get me thinking, maybe it's time I learned some new songs. Happy songs. Posivite songs. Songs that don't make you want to rip out your heart and stamp all over it but instead fill you with hope and love and those warm happy fuzzy feelings that you get in your tummy when you have a hot chocolate on a cold day.

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Inspired by my singing, todays music offering is Elton Johns 'Your Song'. It was my favourite song for a long time when I was a teenager, or at least the Ewan McGregor version from the film 'Moulin Rouge' was. So here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure.

I've always known that singing can really improve your mood but now i'm absolutely certain. I've been wanting to join a choir for over a year now but haven't found the courage to find one here yet but after today I know that this is something that I need to do. Just imagine, if I can sing and meet new people, who knows how happy I could be? A constantly happy Mary-Frances - now there's a thought!

Until next time...x

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