As much as I wish I could dance around in it all day, everyday, today I listed my wedding dress on an internet selling site. It was very expensive and it is silly to just have it stored away in a cupboard somewhere but it does pain me a little. But then I think of all the new gorgeous dresses I can buy with the money I make back off it and I know it's the right thing for me to do! I know that if I do have children I'm sure that when the time comes, like me, they will want their own new dress, and it would be a serious crime to cut it up and make silly cushions and whatnot. So if someone else can feel like a princess for a day, at half the price, then that's the best thing for it.

my wedding dress.jpg

I guess moving home three times in the last year has made me realise that material goods are not what really matter. No one can take the memories of my wedding day away from me and I have hundreds of photos so having the actual thing is no longer necessary. Coincidentally I read an article online today that said spending money on experiences makes us happier than spending money on material goods, and I agree 100%. When I think of my relationship with my husband I think of all the new places we have explored together and exciting holidays we have been on, while just the other day I gave off to my husband for not buying me a birthday present last year, when in actual fact he did, and it's something I use everyday, but I had forgotten he had bought it for me! So this year, as it's my 'big' birthday, I'm going to have to think of a unique experience for us to share so that I will never ever forget it.

Thinking of experiences we have shared together already, today's music offering is 'I Love Paris' by Ella Fitzgerald, as Paris was where we went on our first holiday together and it will always be special to us both.

Until next time...x

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