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I bought a new book today. I've been wanting to get into one for weeks now, and I have ordered one online but it hasn't arrived yet, so I thought i'd be proactive and go and buy one so I could start reading now. I went to the nearest book shop and I looked and looked and looked. I must have been there for over an hour but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Not that I had a specific book in mind but I wanted to read something that is written by a female, that has a central female charactor, and that is about finding yourself or being successful in life. Sadly though this was too difficult a task. If only I was interested in reading a book about businesses or economics or politics or some kind of self help book as the store was coming down with those kinds of books, as is the case in every book shop in Singapore. Finally, after a lot of mindless rummaging I selected a Cecelia Ahern book. I loved 'P.S I Love You' when I read it years ago so thought I'd take a chance on another one of hers; 'Love, Rosie' previously published as 'Where Rainbows End'. I was trying not to pick one that was about love but at least it is written by a female and has a central female character - two out of three isn't too bad? This one has also been turned into a film, just like 'P.S. I Love You' although the film version of that wasn't anywhere as near as good as the book was; what with the terrible Irish accents, and silly irish dancing and the awkward harshness of Hilary Swank in the role of Holly. But I do love the Bridget Jone's films more than the books so I'll probably give this one a look after I've read it too.


Sticking with the irish theme, today's music offering is from The (beautiful, beautiul) Corrs. I sang this at Karaoke the other night and it reminded me of how great their songs are so here's one of their more upbeat one's; 'Breathless'.

Until next time...x

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