This evening I went to see a new play by Checkpoint Theatre called 'Normal'. It was about a christian school in Singapore and their streaming system of Special, Express, Normal Acadmic and Normal Technical students. It was the first piece of theatre I've seen in quite some time that really affected me, I felt like I was experiencing what the pupils were going through. But it made me very sad. It was a difficult piece to watch as no-one was happy; everyone was dealing with the stress of expectations and trying to be the best. One of the most memorable lines from it is 'Who want's to be normal anyway' and another is 'she doesn't get to be sad, the fucking princess, what's she got to be sad about, sad is our thing'. Both these lines struck me in an unexpected way. I don't want to be normal but at the same time I wish I was living somewhere where I was seen as normal rather than an outsider. Even within the arts scene here I don't feel like I belong or even that I am welcome. I feel as though people here see me as some kind of princess that has everything and as such I don't get to be sad. Maybe I have a romantic view of the arts scene in Northern Ireland because I am no longer living there but I think that the arts scene there is more open and welcoming to people no matter who they are or where they're from. While I fully support the Singapore for Singaporeans ethos that exists within the arts scene here I wish I could find a way to be part of it.


I made a joke the other day about no one wanting to see my shows here because no one wants to see a show about a white girls problems. While this is quite a sweeping statement, sadly to me it seems to be a reality. I know that it has a lot to do with my insecurities but I haven't found the courage to put on another one of my shows here yet. I'd really love to. And I'd really love to work with a local community group here and devise and direct a show with them. That is one of my goals for this year. Even though I've been living here for almost two years now I still feel as though I don't know the people living here as well as I should. I hope working with Act 3 will be the way in that I've been looking for.

In keeping with the school theme, today's music offering is 'Revolting Children' from Matilda The Musical. I absolutely loved seeing this in the West End in London on my hen night, it is such a brilliant show with great music and a lovely story.

Until next time...x

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