Mixed Feelings

So today I sold my wedding dress on ebay, and immediately I had a pang of sadness and regret. However it was short lived, as when trying to complete the transaction I realised that the buyer wanted me to post it to the USA and I got very stressed and freaked out. I thought that the buyer was a fraud and would try to scam me as they were messaging me from New Zealand so I cancelled the transaction. Whether the buyer was a fake or not I didn't want the stress of posting it internationally so I had listed it as only being available for postal delivery in the United Kingdom and therefore didn't complete the sale. Maybe I should be more trusting but for some reason I always assume the worst and think that everyone is trying to get one over on me. When I'm in a foreign country I can never trust the taxi drivers or tour guides and always have an awful feeling that I am going to be robbed and left stranded in the middle of nowhere or worse. Perhaps it is sensible of me but it is also inhibiting. I wish I could relax and enjoy meeting and getting to know new people, like all those carefree travellers who enjoy staying in hostles, but I hate it. Instead, I treat people who ask me questions with suspion and prefer to sit on my own.


***Agh!!! Live up-date; I just got an email from ebay saying that the buyer was a fake and that the sale had been made without the real buyers permission!!! So I guess my instints were right. I'm so happy and relieved that I didn't lose my gorgeous wedding dress to a scam and pay all that money to post it. Although this does nothing to help me with regards to me trying to make new friends here; alas my trust issues remain firmly intact.***

In light of my ebay shenanigans, today's music offering is 'The Real Slim Shady' by Eminem; this is for you whoever and wherever you are.

Until next time...x

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