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Today I went to Sentosa Butterfly Park and then walked along the Nature Discovery path. While I loved being surrounded by nature, the Butterfly park was one of the worst animal enclosures I've ever been to. I was expecing to walk into a garden with hundreds and thousands of brightly coloured butterflies flying around and thought that one might even land on my nose. But instead there were only a few run down flower pots, a couple of tired looking butterflies that kept flying away from me and a few dirty looking birds that I was too scared to go anywhere near. And to make things worse, there were hundreds of dead butterflies inside glass boxes hanging up along the walls of the museum with hundres of different types of creepy insects, definitely not the magical experience I was hoping for.


But the Nature Discovery path was great. We came upon it by chance, so perhaps that helped, as I didn't have any expectations before we started. It was mostly trees and very noisy crickets but it was lovely to walk along the sandy path and smell the grass. We didn't come across any other people, it was just us, which was also a bonus. And it was free, another positive, compared to the rip off entrance fee to the Butterfly park. It's definitely somewhere that I'd like to go back to and enjoy again and again.


Inspired by my trip into the wilderness, today's music offering is 'Roar' by Katy Perry. So go on, get outside and let them hear you roar!

Until next time...x

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