14 Apr 2015

I finally did it!  I went to the acapella singing group and it was brilliant! I was a bit nervous and late and sweaty but they were very welcoming.  I just started singing and it was so much fun.  There were only 8 other people there but they were very friendly and they all just wanted to sing.  And that's what we did.  We sang.  And I feel great.



So today's music offerin...

13 Apr 2015

Today I went shopping in a supermarket and bought lots of ingredients to make a lovely dinner.  My hands were full as I was happily walking along when I turned the corner and someone bumped into me and I dropped one of my bags, the one with a glass jar of tomato sauce.  It of course cracked open and the sauce went everywhere.  Well actually, surprizingly it didn't go everywhere, it didn't even spl...

13 Apr 2015

So after all my outdoor activities over the weekend, I am now suffering from 17 moquito bites.  Most of them are on the bottom half of my legs but one is right on the thumb padding part of my hand.  And I know I shouldn't scratch them but I just can't seem to resist.  It starts with a genlte rub and then the blazing flames set in and I have to scratch and scratch and scratch.  Even when there is s...

12 Apr 2015

I hate planning.  Because as soon as I plan something, something else happens that totally messes everything up.  It goes back to this thing I have about always expecting the worse.  Some people say that it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I say it's reality.  And of course it's the curse of the freelancer; you never want to plan too far ahead incase some amazing opportunity comes along that you...

10 Apr 2015

Today I went to Sentosa Butterfly Park and then walked along the Nature Discovery path.  While I loved being surrounded by nature, the Butterfly park was one of the worst animal enclosures I've ever been to.  I was expecing to walk into a garden with hundreds and thousands of brightly coloured butterflies flying around and thought that one might even land on my nose.  But instead there were only a...

9 Apr 2015

So today I sold my wedding dress on ebay, and immediately I had a pang of sadness and regret.  However it was short lived, as when trying to complete the transaction I realised that the buyer wanted me to post it to the USA and I got very stressed and freaked out.  I thought that the buyer was a fraud and would try to scam me as they were messaging me from New Zealand so I cancelled the transactio...

8 Apr 2015

This evening I went to see a new play by Checkpoint Theatre called 'Normal'.  It was about a christian school in Singapore and their streaming system of Special, Express, Normal Acadmic and Normal Technical students. It was the first piece of theatre I've seen in quite some time that really affected me, I felt like I was experiencing what the pupils were going through.  But it made me very sad.  I...

8 Apr 2015

I had to force myself to leave the apartment today as I hadn't been out for 2 days.  Sometimes when I have no set plans I find it difficult to go outside, I'm not depressed, I just have no reasono to leave so I stay inside instead.  But then I worry that I'm seriously missing out on life and get mad that I'm wasting precious time.  I'm very good at making plans and knowing what I should do, but i'...

6 Apr 2015

As much as I wish I could dance around in it all day, everyday, today I listed my wedding dress on an internet selling site.  It was very expensive and it is silly to just have it stored away in a cupboard somewhere but it does pain me a little.  But then I think of all the new gorgeous dresses I can buy with the money I make back off it and I know it's the right thing for me to do!  I know that i...

6 Apr 2015

I bought a new book today.  I've been wanting to get into one for weeks now, and I have ordered one online but it hasn't arrived yet, so I thought i'd be proactive and go and buy one so I could start reading now.  I went to the nearest book shop and I looked and looked and looked.  I must have been there for over an hour but I couldn't find what I was looking for.  Not that I had a specific book i...

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